I’m working hard on my next book in the Diamond River Series Slippery Slope! Thank you Delia Latham for encouraging me to keep my promise to readers to finish the book before 2019! You’re a super, duper cheerleader, Delia. God bless!

Slippery Slope is Levi Cane’s story. He’s a one-woman man, even after his woman leaves him.

August 10, 2018 –  From SHAKEDOWN! Book One of the Diamond River Series

A mother should never have to identify her child in the morgue. Raine Whitehouse sat in her pajamas and looked beyond the balcony of her third-story apartment. The night’s sudden cool breeze compelled her to pick up the light shawl from her lap and place it around her shoulders. If only the big Texas sky could fix everything…

For the past three months she’d combined intense cognitive and group therapies for Justin, but nothing seemed to squelch his proclivity for partying. And religion turned him off.  When she mentioned a relationship with Jesus Christ instead of religion, he’d insisted that if she brought up “that Jesus stuff again,” he wouldn’t come back for therapy–ever.

Unfortunately, neither had to worry about that now.

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Slippery Slope will be available in 2018!

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