Diamond River Series


Book One Diamond River Series

Shakedown on Amazon

Excerpt:  “Hands shaking, Raine fumbled to find her phone and call 911 or the registration office or anyone. At her right, her phone remarkably lay intact on the hardwood floor.  She grabbed it and dialed the registration office.”


Someone is after Psychologist Raine Whitehouse, and the list of suspects is long. Can Resort Owner Jory Cane help her out, or is he on the list, too?

Raine Whitehouse– Could the psychologist return to Diamond River and face the closet skeletons she’d left there years ago?

Jory Cane– The enigmatic businessman hires Raine to counsel teens at his resort’s summer camp,  but it looks as if he could use the counselor’s services himself.

Dan Leppert-The social outcast resents Raine Whitehouse for collaborating with Child Protective Services to have his son taken away.

Joe Leppert-The troubled teen admires Miss Whitehouse’s involvement in his life–perhaps a little too much.

Biff Brown– Why is the spoiled senator’s son snooping around Diamond River Resort?

Diane Arnold– The grieving mother blames Raine for her son’s death. Is retribution in mind?

Sasha Whitehouse– Raine’s impulsive sister is causing problems for a lot of people in Diamond River–especially Raine!

Kathy Benson– Jory Cane’s jilted girlfriend takes a humiliating hit to her ego. Is she going to do something about it?

Coming in 2019

Slippery Slope

Book Two Diamond River Series

Biff Brown stumbled back, away from the dead body

lying at the bottom of Devil’s Spine. His parents had

told him to stay away from the dangerous cliff.

Why hadn’t he?”

Slippery Slope

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